Purchase: www.der.org This film takes an unvarnished look at life in the village of Sheshatshiu, Labrador. Six savvy, gutsy young people talk to Montreal filmmaker Catherine Mullins about addiction, suicide, lack of jobs, hopelessness. Interviews with Elders, grandparents and teachers round out this portrait of a community in crisis – sadly a situation not unlike that of many other aboriginal nations. What is remarkable about Innu youth is their love of the land and of their native language. For them, being Innu means finding a balance between the traditional ways of the past and today’s reality. Produced by Green Lion Productions in association with Société Radio-Canada, RDI, Aboriginal Peoples Television Network, CBC, SCN; with the financial participation of the Quebec Film and Television Tax Credit, SODEC, Rogers Documentary Fund, Canadian Television Fund, Canadian Heritage, Star Choice Communications Inc., Canadian Independent Film and Video Fund, the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit; with development assistance from the National Film Board of Canada – Unité ACIC. distributed by Documentary Educational Resources beinginnu.mcnabbconnolly.ca

10 Responses to “Being Innu – PREVIEW”

  • innu14:

    make more video’s

  • SeleniumRectifier:

    Really, really well done.

    I never knew anything about this. A very sad story.

  • Desireeandrew:

    I love watching this over and over.. never gets tired of it!!. Giant is our new role model <3..

  • TheMishting3000:

    How many mp3s innu do u have?

  • zakarenaboy:

    thats the sad things it all bout the negative in sheshatshiu none of the positive

  • back1j:

    Restore Order with our Natives. I think our recent generations were institutionalized with all these new rules and laws to the point where, they lost themselves. Full grown men told to behave, or else. You can’t do that no more. You must do it like this from now on. Why did We have to adapt? This IS Our land!!! That’s why I don’t drink. Because of all this hostility I have inside. When I sit back and think of all the wrongs done to Us, I get upset.

  • 69frenchie:

    I had a friend who killed himself in Sheshatshiu in the mid 90’s. It was one of my darkest days. Still remember you Clarence. Always friends and wrestling buds.

  • msmkurt:

    Since your life is bad and you want to waste yourself, then why don’t you try do something for your folks and spend yourself in that direction. By the way your church religion that you were brainwashed into, it’s a fake religion and there’s nothing good from it.

  • KautiousKat:

    I’m glad this film was made. It seems like Giant is soing to be a good leader for the youth thats in Sheshatshiu!

  • marcosso2007:

    @69frenchie :(

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