Footage from the the short film “Electronic Labyrinth – THX1138 4EB” by George Lucas, 1967 Music used: Boards of Canada – Sunshine Recorder (Main Soundtrack) Boards of Canada – In The Annexe Boards of Canada – Julie and Candy Boards of Canada – The Smallest Weird Number Boards of Canada – Ready Let’s Go End Credit Organ Drone from THX1138 Short Film

25 Responses to “Boards of Canada – Sunshine Recorder”

  • sherbunlulz:

    great video, julie and candy quite fit the ending

  • BMS1974:

    Well worth the wait ;-) you’ve been misses bro ;-) x

  • timeiimove:

    excellent!!! :D

  • plisb:

    this one fits veeeeeeeeeeeery good
    nicely cut/matched

  • RolyPablo:

    Very goood video, BUT this is not how i imagine this song so it is hard to watch for me. when i listen to this song i imagine a very positive scene… not this scary video. i hope u understand. goood video, it goes well with the tune but just not how ive pictured it…… if u know what i mean. private mail me if u want to discuss.

  • olivierpil:

    fuckin great!!! man u r good

  • skarocksemomom:

    music isnt all bunnies and rainbows…good luck waking up to life

  • fruithero:

    He is just sharing his thoughts about it.

  • DDRpwnerer:

    No need to private mail. I see this song with a heightened sense of duality that goes beyond anything else BoC has written – that is, it’s the most enigmatic; it’s mood is the least straightforward. I often think of this song as an after-rain nature scene due to how the song sounds reversed (Like long low pitched wind chimes.)

    For a song like Roygbiv, it’s hard to interpret multiple ways, but for this one it’s extremely simple.

  • other6people:

    i imagine terrible things when i hear this

  • murdoch2486:

    sinister………………love it

  • VideoKiwi2008:

    I find Geogaddi, the song that this is off, to be a rather different album to the others that BOC have done. experimental and so creative. i think the album is somewhat more darker.

  • twilightpens23:

    This somehow reminds me of the journey into life or whatever it was called. You know, that movie that you had to watch in health about child birth? Yeah, that one.

  • DDRpwnerer:

    I think that’s what they were going for…

  • malves98:

    This surrealistic, dark video definitely matches this dark, dreamlike, psychedelic BOC song. Both the video (Early Lucas!) and this particular BOC strange, dreamlike music make one feel out of this world….

    Running endlessly through a dark hallway, with pulsating music singing in an alien voice “A beautiful place, a beautiful place”…

  • 88Cortex:

    There’s morse code at 6:55.. Makes me eager to find out what it says. If I find out i’ll post it here.

  • levidapyro:

    Somewhere, the music of boc is unleashing horribly fantastic realities.

  • BeansOnGhost:

    Nothing comes close to that Boc feeling,the innocent child like memories and the feeling of nostalgia.I have a very eclectic taste in music but Boc is the only artist that can bring these emotions out of me.

  • raaakz1:

    i think so 2.

  • DougDiug:


  • MrGreen13:

    this is amazing…..

  • fintogive:

    beautiful place

  • AtWarWithGod:

    I heard this song very stoned once in my home by myself one night with some headphones about 5 years ago and scared the fuck out of myself.

  • Cyberdwarf14:

    That was a real creative idea to put the reversed songs at the end, it makes the song more insane than it already is.

  • Verrruckt90:

    D A M N!
    man you’re one of a kind …

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