Mikes trip to Edmonton Canada (December 2010)

15 Responses to “Michael Bisping Edmonton trip! Christmas 2010”

  • ownxinxrobes:

    i like it !


    Great stuff Mike.

  • jollywolly55:

    get to bed, it was 11.35 on that clock

  • BlueNose1690i:

    All the best for 2011 Mike.

  • Arodblade:

    Merry Christmas brother, hey why not make the UFC middleweight belt your present =]
    I’ll be rooting for you mate, wish you and your family the best!!!

  • cazz3000:

    cheers Mike, merry christmas and happy new year to you too, and the rest of the Bisping family =]

  • boredasfckxx:

    That guy is a moron for thinking Couture isn’t a legend just because of his win/loss ratio.

  • ericunder29:

    unless mike learns how to withstand pressure he wont get near the belt. he panicked when sexyama came at him late in the 3rd. the guy needs to grow a pair and be more decisive, shame as i want him to win the belt just as a fellow brit

  • vikingfreddie06:

    merry xmas mike good luck in 2011 mate

  • XBOX36035:

    have a good last few days of 2010 and good luck in 2011 u are the best fighter in the uk by far 21-3 your record so good luck in your next fight

  • renato037:

    what is funny about fire a gun ??

  • sixxpakk:

    MUST SEE! Vicious FIGHT on My Channel. Check it out!

  • partybiscuit:

    Looked a bit weird with both of you guys shooting with your left shoulders in the stock.
    Looked like fun.
    Canada is a cool place.

    Cheers to the Bispings.

  • liamshawmma:

    good look in 2011 bisping

  • flintrocks:

    @ericunder29 he didnt really panic, he backed up because he new he didnt want to get into a slugfest with akiyama, the other times when akiyama came at him he got clipped a few times, but he gave what he got. He was even able to clip akiyama a few times when he came at him in the third. He probably also didnt expect that outburst with akiyama being soo tired and dazed.

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