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  • john37309:

    Hi Rene, I’m John from Ireland.
    I have to say that i just love this video. This video is super cool. I gave it 5 stars and added it to my favorites. I have also produced a similar video for our SETI at home team called Listening to the Universe. Come and check it out.

    Well done on your hard work and if i can i will help to promote your video as well as my own.
    From Ireland’s largest SETI@home team “PADDY’S IN SPACE”,

  • horizonfm:

    Hey John,
    From now on your island stands for me for two things : crunching guinness-lovers (I prefer Jupiler) and Eurosongwinners :)
    By the way : your site : Ireland … douze points ;)

  • john37309:

    {quote}douze points ;) {/quote}
    Ohhhh…. Those good old days of Johnney Logan and River Dance, the Irish had it good back then. The Eastern European countries have the Eurovision under their control now. Ireland and Belgium will never get “douze points” again.

    Best of luck to the Ice Wolves! and “douze million” SETI@home points:)

    John in Ireland :)

  • thorekz:

    very nice, ill maybe quit my country team and join you lol :P

  • horizonfm:

    Why not ?
    You can always post in English on our website. And we have got some Iron Maiden fans among our members :) You’re welcome !

  • pawly2099:

    “Do they even pay for electricity?” ROTFLMAO!! Very well done! *****

  • FallenPaladin85:

    Team Jacob is better.

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