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  • Trivico1:

    did you before your comment?
    No offence, I agree with you all the way

  • Trivico1:

    Finally a voice of reason

  • MolecularSpirit:

    The world we live in is in a state of complete turmoil, which is perpetuated by a lack of awareness from most of the human species as individuals. We sit idly by while industrial giants destroy the planet in the name of freedom, and meanwhile something like 86% of the population form their opinions about the world without having any actual proof of what’s happening.

  • MolecularSpirit:

    We have inherited a completely corrupt system based on the domination of others for personal gain, which is simply driven by the notion of productivity. We work our hands to the bone in the acquisition of material possessions, while most of… the human population is completely disconnected from themselves, each other, and the planet. They have been taken hostage by the mind, and its obsession with “things”. They deserve our love and affection, it is difficult to live in such a corrupt reality.

  • tonicrocks26:

    @thisprophecy (sigh) You didn’t even watch the movies did you? Well First off there is no one to “Govern” us because its not a government, its a society that basses its decisions on the Scientific method, Meaning using Science to determine the Best solution NOT the opinions of elected officials, Religious people have been raised to believe in their god and only their god their entire lives. You ca show these people evidence all you want and all they say is “Read the Bible” thats the stubborness,

  • thisprophecy:

    @tonicrocks26 I have watched TZM! I have also contacted TVP as I am an architect who has prototyped 3 ecological global architecture typologies. The only issue I have is TZM’s stance on religion. A free society, means freedom of thought and religion. What is odd here is that you favorited a Bill Cooper vid. He was a Christian himself! What are you arguing with me for? TZM should change its religious views & we can all get together (religion or no religion) to change the corrupt/elite PTB.

  • tonicrocks26:

    @thisprophecy “believing” in a higher power is completely different than religion, Individuals can believe in anything they want. The Problem is the Religious Institutions that Scare people into rejecting new possibilities, It limits their thinking in a drastic way, They Blindly accept everything taught to them by the church without question. THATS the problem. Because now these people are taught to uphold their churches and that all their problems will be solved by praying.

  • thisprophecy:

    @tonicrocks26 This is where we differ. These are your own views & opinions about religion or a “higher power”. People are afraid for many reasons, not just religion. The problems we face as humans are monstrous, because of our nature (selfishness, greed, corruption.) This is why many turn to “God” for both intellectual & spiritual reasons. There is nothing wrong with this.

  • sfxmaster2041:

    The utopia part of the video features a lot of science fiction. I don’t see it happening were imperfect, humans don’t deserve or will ever acquire a utopia

  • rudolfb66:

    It is easy to believe every word that’s said in this documentary. It’s harder to think about the things being said in this movie.

    I’ll try to explain an easy thing that’s not being told in this movie:
    Inflation is good for debtholders; house owners. You have a debt of $100 dollar, you earn 5 dollars each day. So you have to work 20 days to pay your debt.
    The next year the inflation is 2%, so you earn now 5,1 dollar each day. Now you only have to work 19,6 days to pay the $100! Happy you!

  • thisprophecy:

    @tonicrocks26 The problem is that we’ve been hijacked by an elite group of people, who, through their media & values, have instilled the mindsets of greed into the populations; In addition to perpetrating chaos & raping countries for their resources under the false cover of “religiousity”. These are lies! Power breeds power & corruption, and these people have been doing this since civilization began. Like I said, if TZM omitted their false views on religion, then we would willingly hop on board!

  • rudolfb66:

    This Peter Joseph is master of deception. An illusionist.

  • stereotrashxxx:

    @rudolfb66 That’s what people said about Darwin, Einstein, Oliver Cromwell etc.
    There are always sceptics. Whatever your belief in system, these facts are ready available all over. When you watch this, you already know it. Everyone does. This guy has just put it in a film, sequenced together to make you realise ‘holy shit’

  • stereotrashxxx:

    @rudolfb66 The idea of debt is disgusting anyway. You are only receiving paper that has been given power by people. A symbol, nothing more.

  • ynnufton:

    1 Thessalonians 5:3
    For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.

  • 888archangel:

    That which you seek is inside.

  • XiiXVIV:

    Supporters of Zeitgeist: I am new to YouTube and Twitter, although I have been around for many years. Add me as a friend and soon my account will become a hub for you to meet fellow Zeitgeist supporters, and after all; if you are a supporter of TZM and TVP then you’re my friend!.

  • 5000Five:

    @rudolfb66 until you add interest to your debt. now i will keep raising your interest rate so you have to work 50 days to pay me off. oh and don’t forget you have to eat and have a house. i will ensure you can afford just enough to survive. now you may never have enough to pay me off even if you work 1000 days. add to that i am going to cut your hours and benefits. sorry it’s a bad economy. how about an extra day off? Happy you!

  • NaduaGarbe:

    so be it.

  • arnaldito500:

    Inflation means that every dollar has less value, so as you work for 8 dollar per hour since 2004, you’re actually earning something closer to 7 dollars now on 2011.

  • arnaldito500:

    More money means less value for each dollar. In fact, one of the reasons for the US to print more money is to reduce the proportion if government debt in the hands of China. 2011 middle class can afford about the same stuff than 1950 middle class. A house in the suburbs, a Ford, a TV, etc. Supply and Demand says that, as people have more money in their hands, they are willing to spend more money for the same things.

  • iamLI3:

    @arnaldito500 “2011 middle class can afford about the same stuff than 1950 middle class”
    you mean “afford about half” right?….

  • KUDOS128:

    321 people don’t like the possibility of this being completely true thumbs up the video not me ;D

  • wils1202:

    I don’t understand how building a giant magnetic train system out of metal and concrete, which do not have the most sustainable means of being produced, is a lot more environmentally friendly than flying in a plane.

  • AnonymousComrade:

    this is a nursery tale, for people who have no knowledge of how economies really work

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